Thursday, February 16, 2006

Travel around the world

De afbeelding “” kan niet worden weergegeven, omdat hij fouten bevat.
fotoPublished by Voordaan

For those who visit my blog for the first time and do not understand the language: hello, you arrived in Utrecht, the Netherlands, somewhere in Europe.

This evening I was traveling from Syria to Israel, and I must say, I had a pleasant stay in both countries.
Whatever 'they' may write in your country concerning Jews, Christians and Muslims. Whatever 'they' may say about it in mine. Whatever propaganda will be thrown right in all of our faces: try to escape it through the internet, as I did. Cross borders, find soulmates. Read. Talk. Write. Debate. Feel free to respond. Welcome. Merhaba. This is our world. And never, never trust all that you hear and read. The truth may never be found in a crazy world like ours. But we have to live in it. Together. Emotional plead? Yeah, sure it is.
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