Thursday, February 16, 2006

VOICES: Muslims 'R' us, not them

An excellent article by Rick Salutin... published on

"A week ago, I'd not have guessed that the response among Muslims to those Danish cartoons, and the response to their responses, would still be
escalating. What accounts for it?

Let me suggest it's not due to the specific cartoons. It's areaction to a long, even centuries-long experience of being the object ofsomeone else's caricatures with no effective way to reply. Cartoons of Arab "oil sheiks" began to proliferate after the 1973 Mideast war: hook-nosed, leering, lascivious and greedy. Add cartoons of menacing Arab terrorists, not just in newspapers but in movies like Black Sunday and True Lies. There was an older tradition, too — like that depicted by Rudolf Valentino in the silent film, The Sheik — going back to the 19th century and before.

Other groups have also been caricatured. But Disney films like Peter Pan or Song of the South — perfectly good as films — were largely taken out of circulation due to complaints from aboriginals and blacks. The Arab-Muslim caricatures continue to thrive. Look at 24 and all its swarthy terrorists; 9/11 breathed new life into a cartoon mode that had never really faltered. ...."

read the full Article HERE


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