Tuesday, June 27, 2006

We Are All Human Being, Brothers and Sisters

I want to thank Salim for the help offered and the links to find the information that helped me in understanding the differences in Islam and Christianity and this comment that I have posted. Again Thank You Salim. I have felt and thought the same things. I have posted this on my blog but thought that others should also see this.

See we are all human being, brothers and sisters, so we are one family, white, black, red and yellow.We all came from one father (Adam) and one mother (Eve), why we ignore this fact?!!!

God of all of us is one, whey we do not search who is he and we confirm that?!!!

We have same beginning and will have same end, why we do not like to set together and to find the correct way to survive?!!!

We have been brought for same purpose, but not for killing each other!!!

Our main enemy is same; Devil (Iblies), why we let him creates problems between us?!!!

Any human may have problem/s with another, why we do not set and sort out our problems by discussion?!!!

Until when will continue in this very bad situation?!!!

Until when the war will continue between west and east?!!!

Until when will keep thinking that I have all the rights and never they have?!!!

When will ask other to tell us what good the have, because they mite have something better than what we have?!!!

When we will stop our selfishness and will start to think about other as we like them to think about us?!!!

The time did not come to set together and to solve all the issues in between?!!!

What you think the main reasons of the problems in between?

What things we can do in this regard form your view?

Many times I set with myself thinking how we can open our heart and listen to each other and to start practicing all the ways to understand each other without any intermediates and to stop fighting. Salim

- Chet